Blood Counts & Differentials

WBC (white blood cell count): nl=3.2 - 9.8
(leukopenia): autoimmune, bone marrow dysfunction, dilutional, hairy cell leukemia
(leukocytosis): acute phase reactant, bacterial infection, Hodgkin's disease, CML, ALL, AML

Hgb (hemoglobin): nl =13-17 =12-15
blood loss, anemia
hemoconcentration, dehydration, polycythemia vera, COPD

Hct (hematocrit): nl =39-49% =33-43%
blood loss, anemia
polycythemia vera, smoking, COPD, dehydration, hypovolemia.

Platelets: nl=130-400
(thrombocytopenia): SLE, heparin, NSAIDs, ITP, DIC, sepsis, marrow dysfunction, transfusion reaction, B12/folate deficiency, dilutional, ALL, AML.
(thrombocytosis): acute phase reactant (with infection). neoplasms, CML, polycythemia vera, postpartum, hemorrhage, hemophilia, iron deficiency, pancreatitis, cirrhosis.

Differential ("diff"):
N / (B) / L / M / B / E
Neutrophils: in bacterial infection, demargination (acute phase reactant)
in drugs (chemoTx), pancytopenias, malnutrition
Bands:only reported if present - indicate acute infection if 3% or greater
Lymphocytes: in active or recent viral infection
Monocytes: in wound healing (macrophages), infection (antigen presenters)
Basophils:I have no idea what these are for.
Eosinophils: in fungal infection, allergic reaction

aka "What the hell is a poikylocyte?"