Your Lab Coat
What you need to carry in your lab coat:
ALL ROTATIONS: Maxwell, Sanford Guide, Pocket Pharmacopoeia, 2 pens (black), a small notepad for writing notes to yourself, a stethoscope, a Normal Values card (the "Pro" version is worth the extra buck). Some people like Medical Student's Pocket Reference.
Medicine: Ferry's The Care of the Medical Patient. EKG calipers. The Hematology Lab Differential and Chemistry Lab Differential cards. The Infectious Disease and Lytes/Acid Base cards are helpful, too. Some people like the Facts & Formulas book. Medicine Recall is helpful for review.
OB/Gyn: Current Clinical Strategies for Gynecology and Obstetrics, a pregnancy calculator wheel..
Pediatrics: The Normal Values - Pediatrics card. Current Clinical Strategies for Pediatrics. Don't get Harriet Lane unless you want to be a pediatrician - not helpful to students, and there are tons of copies on the floor.
Psychiatry: Current Clinical Strategies for Psychiatry.
Surgery: Mont Reid. Make sure you can get to Surgical Recall prior to every surgery you do.
Subscriptions:Plan to spend $150 every year - $100 for a one-year student membership to MD Consult, and $50 for a one-year student membership to the journal Journal Watch.